Annija Veldre. Freelance photographer. Couple shoots, portraits, elopements and weddings. I am self- thought and involved in every detail in each photography. 


Latvia, Europe, in 1994. 


2017-2018 Latvian Art Directors club student

2013-2017 Riga International school of Economics and Business administration (RISEBA) - Bachelors degree in advertising 

2012-2012 Randwick girls high school, Sydney, Australia

2007-2013 Māra Muižniece Riga Art school, Latvia

2001-2013 Riga Teika High school, Latvia


2017 "POSITIVUS FESTIVAL" Manager of Photographers

2017 "GRIZZLY RIGA" Advertising agency, Photographer

2016-2016 SIA “VUCA COMMUNICATIONS” Advertising agency, Intern

2016-2016 SIA“POSITIVUS” Directors assistant, Intern

2016-2016 "Field Candy" outdoor product designer brand, Photo manipulation collaboration 

2014-2015 "!ASAP" Promo agency, Promoter- Working with such brands as "Phillip Morris", "Microsoft Latvia" and many other. 

2013-2013 "7guru" Advertising agency, Intern


2016 HonorableMention of 2016 Bio-Art Contest, South Korea

2016 Exhibition of the photo contest "Youth has noAge", Art gallery "The Collective", El Raval, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Exhibition at Riga International airport, 3rd place in Mārupe and Airports favorite photo, Latvia

2016 Solo Exhibition at Buberts Cafe, Riga, Latvia

2016 Exhibition at Latio Real Estate, Riga, Latvia

2015 Solo exhibition at Coffee Inn, Riga, Latvia

2015 Solo exhibition at Riga Teika High school, Riga, Latvia

2014 Exhibition at Express to Impress, Spikeri, Riga, Latvia


2016 Skyn magazine, Canada

2016 Digital Photo magazine, UK

2016 Grainde de Photographe, France

2016 Apollo.LV, Latvia

2015 SRL Lounge, USA

2015 Kind Artist, USA

2014 Delfi.LV, Latvia

2014 TV interviews with ChaulaTV, Latvia


2016 Adobe Photoshop official Instagram

2016 Format magazine as "55 Women Making Work We’re Obsessed With"

2016 BoredPanda

2016 Art People Gallery

2015 Talenthouse

2015 Telegraf and Glavcom, Russia

2015 Photonaija

2015 Multiple publications on media from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and many more.

2015 Photo feature on iGNANT

2015 Participation in Photo concerts "KITCHEN exposition"

2015 Design Collector


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